Mainstream media is still an effective tool in today's communication strategy.  For example:  We can effectively communicate your company's sales/marketing message through a story in a local newspaper. Encourage event promotion in local and regional media outlets to boost ticket sales.  Enhance sales awareness through a feature story in an in-flight airline publication.  While social media is a quick way to make an impression, longer and more thoughtful stories in local newspapers, tourism magazines and industry newsletters can give a thorough, detail-oriented look at your company with a credibility that only comes from a third-party source.  

Our media relations specialist is a career journalist with over 30 years as a newspaper and magazine reporter, including over a decade as a television business journalist.  She knows how to turn your company message into a newsworthy story that ends up on an editor's desk instead of in the wastebasket.

From story idea creation to writing press releases to following up personally with area media outlets, we can help give your company or special event the wide public attention it deserves.